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a prediction confirmed

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Wed Apr 21 17:17:23 EST 1999

"of course", the school shootings in Littleton, CO, yesterday, are
more of the Same-Stuff... more of the prediction being confirmed.

the understanding that could have ameliorated these tragic dynamics
has been actively withheld from folks... the result of such active
"endeavor" is as yesterday, as in "Yugoslavia", for the past month,
and as in myriad other interactive dynamics.

the method of the active withholding of the understanding has been
sinister... those who've "endeavored" in this way have mercilessly
manipulated folks' "fear" which stems, naturally, from within their
lack of familiarity with the understanding.

i  recently mentioned a relatively-small case in point, which exposes
a bit of this manipulation, in another thread in this newsgroup... the
"disappearing" conference bulletin-board, etc., invitations... dynamics
similar to these have been commonplace occurrences in my
experience as i've reached out with the understanding. the various
instances of the continual dynamics differ only superficially. at their
cores, they all include an "hysteria", which, itself, is explained in NDT,
and which exists as a "fanned flame of fear".

it is the folks who've fanned this "flame" who are actively "endeavoring"
to withhold the understanding. they know that, if they circulate all sorts
of vile falsehoods about me and about the understanding, folks who're
unfamiliar with both the understanding and me will experience a strong
tendency to "move away from" (AoK, Ap3-8) both me and the

so all those who wanted to withhold the understanding from folks had
to do was spread the falsehoods, and the innate tendency to "fear" the
unknown would gain ascendency, and do all of the dirty work.

what these active withholders didn't quite grasp, however, is that
their behavior is self-disclosing... "bulges in the door" stuff.

sadly, at this point, it's murder, many times over.

in the face of such, the only thing i can do is continue to ask that
folks in Neuroscience allow me to meet with them, in person, so
that the transfer of the understanding can occur without further

do not be "frightened" of those who've "endeavored" against the
understanding. they've diclosed their "endeavoring", such is
documented, and, with respect to their "endeavors", they are

[they do not remain helpless in every respect, however. it's these
folks who are those who've been most-mercilessly victimized by
the "Beast", and it's in my heart that, before the dust settles, these
folks will also receive the understanding in fullness.]

but, for now, i ask that folks in Neuroscience meet with me, in a
quiet, no-recriminations place, having complete Neuroscience
stacks close at hand, to grasp the understanding.

the future depends upon the Courage of folks in Neuroscience.
what will folks in Neuroscience choose?

K. P. Collins

kenpc at banet.net wrote:

> for those who have aok, reread ap4, ap7 and ap8, and you'll find that
> the genocidal dynamics in Kosovo were predicted in-there.
> what recently happened is that the Serbs were in the "zone of
> randomness" (ap4), and the NATO bombing greatly elevated TD E/I leading
> to low-level supersystem configurations (amygdala, ap5) with
> stereotypical "rage" behavior... the bombing disconnected the
> higher-level information-processing mechanisms in the Serb's nervous
> systems, and the result is exactly as predicted in aok. kp collins

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