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Am I sick? Can somebody please help?

Carol Es carol at esart.com
Wed Apr 21 14:55:03 EST 1999

I am 30 years old. Most of my life I have had severe joint pain/muscle
aches in my legs. This pain increases when I am on my period. In the last 2
years the pain has become so awful that I can hardly walk, & worst of all I
can not walk DOWN stairs or get out of a chair without the use of the
muscles in my arms to help me. I have become nearly cripple. 

To describe this pain thoroughly, it can be anything from a headache in the
legs to a sharp, cramping & throbbing pain. The area is mostly coming from
behind my knee caps & the lower/front part of my thighs, & the very
top/front of my calves. It is both legs. Sometimes one more than the other,
but not the left or right specifically.  Sometimes & during my period, the
pain will shoot up all the way to the top of my thighs & sorta blend in
with my abdominal cramps. It becomes all one feeling.

Cold weather will make matters much worse. Even in the hottest weather my
knees & feet are always cold to the touch. Hot (moist) heat packs will
relieve my pain a little & rest helps out a lot too. 

I am not a doctor, but it seems as tho the circulation is not working
correctly. I do not have high or low blood pressure. My last EKG was normal
& I do not have Diabetes.

I have become more desperate for answers recently because of other symptoms
that may or may not be related...

I have been dizzy for a month. It is getting worse, & it is much like the
spiny feeling one would get from riding the tea cups at Disneyland or
looking down from very tall heights. I have even felt that my ears were
about to pop, as if I were descending from an airplane. The dizzy spells
last from 30 seconds to hours! It does not matter what I am doing. I often
loose balance for no reason & have noticed my coordination is also out of
wack; anything from smacking my hand into the middle of a door (thinking I
was reaching for the knob), to not being able to open a jar or being too
weak to make a fist. It is scaring me to say the least.

Other strange symptoms include occasional bloody noses (waking up in the
morning with a slight bloody nose or out in the sun I will get them too),
diarrhea every morning for about 2 years, twitches in my hands (spasms
lasting a couple minutes & then subsiding), sharp pains in my extremities
(much like my muscle aches but much more intense - power serges),
headaches, eye twitches, irritability, tired, & loss of concentration in
the middle of sentences, of which I have never had any problem with before
a few month ago (I will have difficulty mouthing the words I know I want to
say & say them much slower than what is normal.)

Another strange thing, for whatever it's worth, I have been hearing a fluid
inside my inner ear. It is the same phenomenon as from swimming too much &
having water inside, hearing it move about when the head is turned down &
sideways. (I do not swim nor haven't swam for over 10 years.) It is mostly
on my left side. It will crackle a lot & I can not hear loud sounds without
it acting up. When I am upset or speaking loudly, the fluid will move about
excessively. It will hurt at times & my hearing will tune in & out. I will
then get very dizzy at that point.

If you have read this far, I want to thank you. It feels like no one can
hear me. These symptoms have been giving me anxiety, but I assure you the
anxiety came after the notice of my symptoms. I think I am just scared of
loosing my basic functions. I am an artist (a painter), a musician (a
drummer), & a writer as well & these disabilities are not welcome in my
young productive life. 

I fear I have something neurological wrong, perhaps in my inner ear. Tho,
this is something I do not know too much about. Can somebody please help
me? Does anybody have a clue?

- an artist

please email me at: esboito at hotmail.com

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