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A problem with "neuroscience"

Jason Ebaugh ebau0002 at tc.umn.SPAMNOT.edu
Thu Apr 22 17:47:26 EST 1999

Does anyone understand what in the hell this person is trying to say? 

"\"Sir Knowitall\""
<for.spam.reasons.peel.away.until.only.fellin.remains at one.net.au>

>Certain dynamic and influential ('reality-shaping') aspects of
>"Truth" [=the ways things are, have been, and -- perhaps even less certain
>or definable -- will be] CAUSE people to instinctively evade not only
>personally relevant insights into this very aspect, but any other aspects
>that are *"too closely"* pre-consciously associated with such personally
>relevant insights (thus they are rendered un- or incompletely conscious by
>the ongoing process by which our always more or less transient "focuses
>(both parallel and complementary, as well as competing and mutually
>exclusive   focuses) of *actention*" are selected (largely, or as if
>"centrally", by each our brain).

>I am referring the common-place, conditioned-in, dynamic and frequently
>co-motivational, brain-states (insidious conditioned-in psychological
>factors) that I most simply (as far as spelling is concerned) tag with the
>acronym CURSES, and that Janov call "primal Pain", and that have been
>addressed in other ways by others.

>CURSES do, because of their nature of origin -- IOW, they are by general
>definition caused by various: Specifiable "Selective Hibernation" Imploring
>Type Situations and/or Challenges; or  [approximately abbreviatable to]

>SSHITSC might of course then also be thought to have a meaning that covers
>various, "slow" (or only very gradually accumulated -- even as slow and
>inconspicuous as to be imperceptible) as
>well as sudden and/or dramatic, "trauma".

>The insidious nature of this particular "state of (very much humanly
>affairs" [or aspect of "What Is
>going on"] can be 'illustrated' if one instead use a
>spelling *pronounceable CURSES* but derived from: Conditioned-in
>Chronically (more rather than less) Kept *Hibernated* [by me
>"meaning-stretched" in alignment with all relevant, and by science
>thoroughly established, principles and theories], Hence Unconsciously
>Retained (Recollected, Reverberating, etc.) {SSHITSC-type}
>Stressors (or ditto kinds of life-situations), Effecting **"EVASIVE"**

>A statement/label that might be approximately acronymized/spelled something
>like ~CCKHHUR(RR)SEES~ (approximately).
>(To my mind it is an appropriately spooky/alluding way to spell this
>commonly overlooked category of co-motivational factors.)

>"EVASIVE" (above) is a pragmatically shortened version of "AEVASIVE".

>AEVASIVE stand for: Ambi-advantageously Evolved Vital (in some ways)
>"Actention System" Incorporating (in a conveniently central position in
>respect of contriving this acronym) Various Endoopiates (or "opioids" such
>as endorphins, encephalin, dynorphin etc.)

>For all relevant definitions involved in this "concEPT-assisted" reasoning
>and "zoomable" bird's view scheme of *complementary understanding and
>insight*, see


>Metaphorically noted:
>Certain people in this newsgroup are particularly good examples of a myopic
>and compartmentalised and inflexible way of looking at and "trying" to
>understand what is going on. It is as if what is being the focus of
>interest -- TO THE EXCLUISION OF ELSE -- are "patterns of bark" on the trees
>of the proverbial "Forrest". Not only are certain individuals "stupid" in
>that way, but seemingly rather chronically belligerent on top of it all. Yes
>I am mainly referring to a certain LeFever. And by the way, I wonder what
>useful discovery or interesting and potentially valuable interpretation of
>facts discovered by others, has he contributed?

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