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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

Vlar Schreidlocke vlar23 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 11:03:01 EST 1999

Excuse me, what do the following terms mean?

(AoK, Ap3,4,5,7,8) and  TD E/I(up)

I realize that this message was crossposted to several newsgroups and
it seems that the meaning of these terms may be common knowledge to
readers of one of the newsgroups, but I read this in
alt.psychology.nlp and I have no idea what they mean and I have been
involved in NLP for 15 years.

Thanks for your consideration.

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999 20:09:31 -0400, ken collins <kenpc at banet.net>

>John W. Maly wrote:
>> All of the listed factors (except number 4) seem to contribute small parts.
>> But they still seem to add up to a pretty low correlational value, in my
>> opinion.  This suddenly started happening, and I seriously doubt that it is
>> because some "threshold" was reached.
>i do see a threshold, with respect to which the current "generation" ofChildren are
>the "canaries in the mine shaft"... most vulnerable because
>they've been plunged, by virtue of nothing other than birth-timing, into
>the "heat" before they could acquire coping strategies.
>when one examines the threshold, it's not hard to see it's wellspring.
>it's a threshold that's been crossed periodically throughout the course
>of history. the current "instance" of this periodic  thresholding is the
>result of the "rendering useless" (AoK, Ap8) of behavioral repetoirs
>that were relatively-stable during the Cold War... all the folks who had
>things "under control" during that period of relatively well-defined
>"necessity", over a brief period of years, found that old familiar stuff
>no longer coped with the circumstances with which they were confronted
>in their daily existences... remember all the "corporate downsizing" that
>occurred in the early-to-mid 90s? many corporations had to shift their
>focuses from the familiar stuff upon which their success had been based.
>people were "disconnected", families were displaced (as was the case
>with one of the suspects in the Littleton killings)... and, overall, there's
>been a swelling of "desperate searching" behaviors, through which
>folks've been seeking, powerfully, to reestablish the old, familiar "sense
>of security" that had been formerly relatively-routine in their lives.
>look a bit further... it's the "sons" of those whose familiar stuff was
>the martial affairs of WW II who are swaggering around in
>"Yougoslavia"... and the "sons" of Americans tutored in the ways of
>war, in that same War, who have rallied to the use of the martial "arts",
>just as their "fathers" did.
>now go back to the "end" of the Cold War, and all of the "rendering
>useless" that this great "shift" imposed upon whole societies.
>our nervous systems, blind to the automation inherent within them,
>tend, strongly, to blindly "move away from" (AoK, Ap3,4,5,7,8) such
>"rendering useless", "simply" be-cause "rendering useless" is
>experienced as TD E/I(up), to which nervous systems, in an absence
>of any understanding of how they process information, tend, strongly,
>to "strive" to blindly minimize TD E/I.
>if one looks back a bit further, one can see the Same-Stuff in post-WW I
>behavioral dynamics, which "culminated" in the Great Depression...
>"rendering useless", desperate and reckless "striving" that was driven
>solely by the Society-wide elevated TD E/I that accompanied the
>"rendering useless" after the great, society-wide focusing effort of WW I.
>if one looks back further, one can find the Same-Stuff, going through
>a yet-prior cycle in the late 1800s.
>one can follow the periods throughout History... it's always been the
>Same-Stuff... the same societies-wide TD E/I threshold.
>and we're in-it, hard, once again... the Children are the "canaries in
>the mine shaft", because that's what "society" has relegated them
>to "being".
>there's much more. it's all the Same-Stuff... Abstract Ignorance (the
>absence of understanding of how nervous systems automatically
>process information within nervous systems which, nevertheless,
>process information automatically) ravaging Humanity.
>we've not yet experienced the crest of the current period.
>K. P. Collins (ken)

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