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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Thu Apr 22 19:09:31 EST 1999

John W. Maly wrote:


> All of the listed factors (except number 4) seem to contribute small parts.
> But they still seem to add up to a pretty low correlational value, in my
> opinion.  This suddenly started happening, and I seriously doubt that it is
> because some "threshold" was reached.

i do see a threshold, with respect to which the current "generation" ofChildren are
the "canaries in the mine shaft"... most vulnerable because
they've been plunged, by virtue of nothing other than birth-timing, into
the "heat" before they could acquire coping strategies.

when one examines the threshold, it's not hard to see it's wellspring.

it's a threshold that's been crossed periodically throughout the course
of history. the current "instance" of this periodic  thresholding is the
result of the "rendering useless" (AoK, Ap8) of behavioral repetoirs
that were relatively-stable during the Cold War... all the folks who had
things "under control" during that period of relatively well-defined
"necessity", over a brief period of years, found that old familiar stuff
no longer coped with the circumstances with which they were confronted
in their daily existences... remember all the "corporate downsizing" that
occurred in the early-to-mid 90s? many corporations had to shift their
focuses from the familiar stuff upon which their success had been based.

people were "disconnected", families were displaced (as was the case
with one of the suspects in the Littleton killings)... and, overall, there's
been a swelling of "desperate searching" behaviors, through which
folks've been seeking, powerfully, to reestablish the old, familiar "sense
of security" that had been formerly relatively-routine in their lives.

look a bit further... it's the "sons" of those whose familiar stuff was
the martial affairs of WW II who are swaggering around in
"Yougoslavia"... and the "sons" of Americans tutored in the ways of
war, in that same War, who have rallied to the use of the martial "arts",
just as their "fathers" did.

now go back to the "end" of the Cold War, and all of the "rendering
useless" that this great "shift" imposed upon whole societies.

our nervous systems, blind to the automation inherent within them,
tend, strongly, to blindly "move away from" (AoK, Ap3,4,5,7,8) such
"rendering useless", "simply" be-cause "rendering useless" is
experienced as TD E/I(up), to which nervous systems, in an absence
of any understanding of how they process information, tend, strongly,
to "strive" to blindly minimize TD E/I.

if one looks back a bit further, one can see the Same-Stuff in post-WW I
behavioral dynamics, which "culminated" in the Great Depression...
"rendering useless", desperate and reckless "striving" that was driven
solely by the Society-wide elevated TD E/I that accompanied the
"rendering useless" after the great, society-wide focusing effort of WW I.

if one looks back further, one can find the Same-Stuff, going through
a yet-prior cycle in the late 1800s.

one can follow the periods throughout History... it's always been the
Same-Stuff... the same societies-wide TD E/I threshold.

and we're in-it, hard, once again... the Children are the "canaries in
the mine shaft", because that's what "society" has relegated them
to "being".

there's much more. it's all the Same-Stuff... Abstract Ignorance (the
absence of understanding of how nervous systems automatically
process information within nervous systems which, nevertheless,
process information automatically) ravaging Humanity.

we've not yet experienced the crest of the current period.

K. P. Collins (ken)

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