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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Thu Apr 22 19:54:27 EST 1999

virtually all youngsters play variations  of "hide-and-seek", and
some of these ("cowboys and Indians", and "army" games, etc.)
have a sinister side... what seems recent to me are 1. the decline
in the age of onset of the realization of the violence which was
formerly nothing more than a testing of wits to see who could
best meet the challenge of the "hide-and-seek" game... where it
was a college student in the Texas bell tower, it's now high and
junior high schoolers, and 2. the magnitude of the violence.

the most i ever heard of in the form of "rebellion" when i was
a kid was the guy with an SS396 leaving 80 feet of rubber on
the street in front of my high school... now kids in the same
age group are murdering their peers.

i've posted a brief analysis in another msg in this thread. i'll
add, here, that it's clear that media content is distinctly
time-correlated with the 80-feet-of-rubber/murder behavioral
differential. my view on this is that the media have been caught
up in the same TD E/I(up)-induced "desperate searching" of
which i wrote in the other msg... which leads right back to the
overall "societal" recklessness in seeking to recover from
"rendering useless"... that is, much of current media fair
has been "attractive" solely be-cause it's been something
akin to the Young Folks' attempt to "move-away-from"
TD E/I(up) via alcohol... folks "move away from" by
"passing time" ("pastimes", AoK) as couch potatoes.

when one looks, one sees that it's all the Same-Stuff,
all correlated with society-wide TD E/I(up).

[i understand a much-longer, more-detailed, discussion is
needed before the point can be accepted.]

K. P. Collins (ken)

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