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My 10 yrs old son is suffering from "strange" headache

winnie_szeto at my-dejanews.com winnie_szeto at my-dejanews.com
Fri Apr 23 23:15:52 EST 1999

Dear newsgroup readers,

My son,a 10 years old kid,is suffering from a severe headache daily for the
pass two weeks. The family doctor couldn't find out what is the actual cause
of it. After clinical diagnosis, the doctor concluded that it is a migraine
headache and suggested the pain killer 'Tylenol' extra strength 500mg..

The "strange" headache happens everyday at around 11:00 am. and will be gone
in 2 to 4 hours after he took the Tylenol. The reason I called it "strange"
is because it happens at around the same time everyday, same location on the
head and when the headache is gone, he behaves like a normal kid.

The headache came lightly at first ,then became severe within minutes. By
then,my son started crying and covered himself with a light blanket.  It
seems like he is irritating by light and sound. His face and lips became
slightly red, his feet are pale.  An ice-pack on the head helps reducing the
pain a bit.

It has been like that everyday for two weeks already.  I could not find any
help, so far.

I really don't want my son to suffer like this and try my best to find the
cure. I am also suffering from this........

Please, if anyone who has experienced this "strange" headache, can provides
more information , or have any advice...please send email to me at
winnie_szeto at hotmail.com

Thanks a lot.

Winnie Szeto
(Toronto, Canada)

Background of the kid :

Sex: male
weight:110 lb.
wearing glasses:short sighted,
additional: 	plays piano and won numerous trophies.
		plays ice-hockey in a junior team (never injured from it).
		loves reading.

The following diagnosis have been done and are normal:
-Skull X-ray
-CT Scan of the head
-blood pressure

Diagnosis Result : migraine headhache


First symtoms:	April,2,1999

headache:	forehead,(for few hrs--headache is gone after vomitted)
vomit:		once---water came out.
fever:		101 (F). 4 hrs later, went up to 102
medication: 	Tylenol
note: 		on 28 March, 1999 He went to a school trip to "Forest Valley" to
study the nature.
afterwards: 	coughing (once a while) recovered without any medication

On-going symtoms: April,9,1999 (starting)

headache: 	usually starts at around 11:00 am.
		left side tempo area--pressure and pounding feelings
		body temperature normal
duration:	2-4 hrs
medication:     Tylenol extra strength 500 mg.

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