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a seemingly-irrelevant, but highly-relevant experiment

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Sun Apr 25 10:26:52 EST 1999

ken collins wrote:

> it's funny... everyone sees right-off why it is that the image a fan's
> rotating blade"stops" when a strobe is shone upon it... but no one can 
> see that, when there's "nothing" to "reflect" detecting energy back 
> out of SSW<->UES harmonics, because the SSW<->UES harmonic is out of 
> phase with the detecting energy, that's exactly the same setup as a 
> strobe, but with directionality inverted?

the "strobing" is due to the periodicity of the
phase transition, which is inherent in the SSW<->UES harmonics...

the observables that have been considered to constitute the
everything" all correlate withonly the "matter" phase.

the stuff of the non-"matter" phase is equally-observable, but
rendered "invisible" and "discarded" for the sake of the TD
inherent in the "false finitization" (AoK, Ap4-->) inherent in
erroneous "discrete particle" approach to Physical Reality... all
has to do is see the flowing of energy, instead of being "carried 
away by it"... it's called "consciousness", and choosing in
with it, rather than that which is merely-familiar.

other stuff:

it's a day that's worthy of coment... for those who have AoK, 
Gugliemo Marconi was born on this day in 1874 ("talking with 
unseen others" (AoK, "short paper" final jump button... how 
Peace is aided by the =understanding= of the fact that nervous 
systems produce behavior, affect and cognition only as 
by-products of blindly-automated TD E/I minimization... the 
understanding removes the blindness)

1908 Edward R. Murrow, Chooses to report the News.
1945 United Nations
1961 Robert Noyce gets patent for integrated circuit

Arbor Day... plant a "tree" :-)

[all the date-correlations that i post are taken from 
an old, but very-well-done DOS program, "Today/PC", 
(c) 1986 by Patrick Kincaid. (itlfm) kpc]

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