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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Sat Apr 24 21:40:58 EST 1999

ken collins wrote:


> ...elevated TD E/I, is elevated TD E/I... the only difference in
> instances of organic damage is that the global TD E/I most
> likely has  external observables that're correlated with the
> site of the organic damage within the neural topology. one
> can pay exclusive attention to these external observables,
> but such doesn't "magically" eliminate the fact that the
> organic deficit elevates TD E/I throughout the nervous
> system. alcohol, and other widely-abused drugs also have
> external observables, so do all forms of interpersonal
> conflict and harrassment... but all such elevates TD E/I
> globally.

you see, Folks, the "TD" in "TD E/I" correlates with the 
rigorous mappings of the external environment into the 
nervous system, of the motor "system" back out to the 
environment, and all the internal mapping that cross- 
correlates the two.

...the "TD" [topologically-distributed] leaves nothing 
"amorphous"... it does just the opposite... course, 
there's all of Neuroanatomy in-there.

each TD E/I(up) has information-processing throughout 
the nervous system. the TD E/I(up) that occurs as a 
result of environmental inputs, for instance, has its 
topological mapping preserved while it, simultaneously, 
becomes merged with global TD E/I. it is because every- 
thing gets "translated" into this one TD E/I global 
"language", which preserves all of the topological 
mapping, that nervous systems can so easily prioritize, 
their decision making... the thing that's generating 
the greatest TD E/I automatically gains the greatest 
degree of "attention" within the nervous system, simply 
be-cause nervous systems are "engineered" to "strive" 
minimize TD E/I... if, because of persistent environmental 
dynamics, TD E/I cannot be minimized, then the nervous 
system "attends" to the environmental corelates of 
the TD E/I(up)... this, via simple TD E/I minimization, 
results in the nervous system's (the organism's) gaining 
experience ("learning") with respect to the environmental 
correlates of the TD E/I(up)... and as the TD E/I 
minimization mechanisms automatically minimize TD E/I 
with respect to the environmental correlates, the 
organism becomes increasingly capable of performing 
work upon the environmental correlates of the orignial 
persistent TD E/I(up). as such efficiency (which is all 
"just" TD E/I minimization) increases, the new behaviors 
acquired tend to enable the nervous system (the 
organism) to "understand" the TD E/I(up) generator, 
and overcome its capacity for generating TD E/I(up).

it's all very-simple, and all thoroughly-substantiated 
via the proven Neuroscience experimental results.

...if the understanding was generally held, i'd not've 
been able to say that (paraphrase) "it makes no 
difference, organic or evironmental, it's all 'just' 
TD E/I... for, without the understanding, folks routinely 
inflict "environment" upon others which is as deleterious, 
and as persistent, as are instances of organic damage.

...so, without the understanding, while folks abdicate 
Choice to the autopilot within, it's all "just" TD E/I.

...which is why the need for the understanding is so 

...without it, folks are relegated to the whims of the 
"Beast", Abstract Ignorance (the absence of an understanding 
of how nervous systems process information automatically 
within nervous systems which, nevertheless, process 
information automatically.

the consequences of such are as in Littleton and in 
"Yugoslavia", and myriad other places, including 
all the blind "striving" that climbs upon the backs 
of innocents in the name of "profits".

K. P. Collins

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