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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

wildearth wildearth at erols.com
Mon Apr 26 10:00:41 EST 1999

Malcolm McMahon wrote in message <37251f8c.4121606 at news.demon.co.uk>...
>Well I certainly remember being exposed to violence as entertainment in
>my formative years in the fifties and sixties. It wasn't as realistic
>but I'm not convinced that lack of realism shouldn't actually make
>things worse.

Violent movies in the 50 and 60's are incomparable to the vivid, positively
reinforced violence in entertainment today.  The explicit realism, watched
repeatedly, desensitizes the viewer.  The shadowy, obfuscated violence of
the past did not have the same effect on the viewer.  Perhaps you should do
your own comparison and watch a 50's movie and 90's movie back to back.
>People want, very much, to believe that the bad behaviour of children is
>due to some environmental influence beyond their control. The Internet
>is the latest scapegoat but TV is still going strong. Before that is was
>rock-and-roll. Before that comic books.

Quite the contrary, people want to *deny* the adverse affects so that they
can continue to satiate their appetites for violence. Yet the adverse
affects are clearly documented in my psych text and documented by research.
>I have to say that I was grimly ammused by Clinton's speach about how
>parents ought to prevent their children accessing things glorifying
>violence. I wonder if that thought included guns?
>Truth is every viable society has to feed it's boys on a diet of action
>hero stories because young men are always called upon to do any
>necessary killing and dying. A society that failed to do this would be
>replaced in a few generations with one that did. It would be nice to
>live in a world where we could survive without a warrior class but we

Today, young men and women volunteer for military duty.  And, a division
between a "warrior" class and everybody else is slowly dissolving.
>There is, I think, within all of us a resentment of the necessary
>restrictions of social living. The conflict between our genetic and our
>socially inculcated drives. The Fenris Wolf bound by a magic cord of
>domestication. (see http://www.pigsty.demon.co.uk/fenris.html for an
>essay on the subject). There's no good pretending it's not there or
>trying to starve the poor beast on a diet of blandness. Rather we must
>pay carefull attention to the state of the cord. We must accept the
>presence of Evil within us and see to it that within is were it stays.

If evil, as you say, is to stay within, then it is violent behavior modeling
we need to do without.

>If child violence has become more commonplace I'm affraid that it's may
>be down to just what thinking people don't want it to be - lack of

A lack of discipline which is modeled in the movies.  What ever happened to
the concept of modeled behavior and learning by observation?  Old hat?

>In entertainment terms, for me, the classic expression of this drive is
>not some Steven Segal action movie but King Kong and it's imitators.
>Goaded beyond endurance the hero goes on the rampage and is finally
>killed. The film "Falling Down" expresses it rather well, I think.

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