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Collins Overkill

Richard Hall rhall at uvi.edu
Mon Apr 26 07:42:28 EST 1999

Initially I read and occasionally commented on Ken Collins' posts, but for
the past 8 months I have been just deleting/filtering everything he writes
unread.  The reality of this medium is that content and volume are
inversely proportional.  The critical issue is not his ideas but my time
spent wading through them.  He seems unaware that many of us value our time
and cannot spend hours searching for that sliver of relevance or kernel of
truth that is buried under his pile of words (there are coarser metaphors,
but I defer.)

If he were succinct, I would probably reconsider, but since I am at the
point of ignoring his commentary he has lost that opportunity.  He has been
filtered/factored out.  Sorry Ken, nothing personal.


At 1:49 AM +0000 4/26/99, F. Frank LeFever wrote:
>Of the 34 posts my browser shows tonight, 13 are by Ken Collins.  Even
>if he had anything useful to say, this would be excessive.  Are we
>going to let one person's grandiosity monopolize this newsgroup?  I
>recommend direct replies to him, asking him to cease.  If you have an
>opinion as to the merit of his self-induylgent posts, be sure to make
>it explicit.
>F. LeFever
>In <3723C0D2.2B3451C at banet.net> ken collins <kenpc at banet.net> writes:
>>Dr. Utz, thanks for the ref. (please don't take anything i post
>>"personally"... if you ask any of the long-timers in this forum,
>>it's my custom to write my posts "to the wind" (it's a long
>>story, basically, i ran ahead a bit, and am just trying to share
>>my findings with folks with respect to whom i've an "unfair
>>advangage... although i've tried, it's become clear that there's
>>no "polite" way to do such... folks "move away from" that which
>>is relatively unfamiliar... when that which is unfamiliar is the
>>thing that's needed, things become double-bindingly
>>"difficult"... i mean no "offense"... just the opposite.)
>>ken collins
>>Jeffrey P. Utz, M.D. wrote:
>>> In the Jorunal Pediatrics January 1999 (VC Strasburger et al.,
>>> 103:129-139) there is a review article about violence and TV. It is
>>> good and supports the notion that TV violence leads to real-world
>>> While not conclusive, it provides excellents reasons for parents to
>>> children and adolescents in their TV habits.
>>> Jeff Utz, M.D.

Richard Hall, Associate Professor of
Comparative Animal Physiology
Division of Sciences and Mathematics
University of the Virgin Islands
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