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Genetics and corpus calusum

John johnhkm at netsprintXXXX.net.au
Mon Apr 26 05:31:20 EST 1999

I don't really know about your question but the reference below, which
contains the biblio details for the research you have in mind, suggests the
cc size thing has not been backed up.

itle  [A Separate Creation: The Search for the Biological Origins of Sexual
Author  [Chandler Burr
Publisher [Hyperion
Place Pub [New York
Date  [1996

CC experiment re larger in women could not be replicated many measurement
problems here

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teeker wrote in message <7fo98t$2f0m$1 at piglet.cc.uic.edu>...
>    Well this is the first time that I am posting to teh news group.  It is
>a question that is really bugging.  In females where the 23rd chromosone is
>an XX the corpus calosum is larger than a male with an XY.  That being the
>case would it feasible to say that there might be a realtion with Y
>chromosone and the corpus calosum.  Well if that were the case then people
>having the 23rd chromosone will havve even a smaller corpus calosum then
>normal male XY.
>    Could someone give some information whether there has been any resaerch
>in this area.  If so where could I find it.
>Thank you

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