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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Sun Apr 25 20:16:38 EST 1999

Jeffrey P. Utz, M.D. wrote:


> Kids with ADHD (for which Ritalin is commonly prescribed) do have a
> higher incidence of problem behaviors. However, these problems are caused by
> the ADHD, not the Ritalin.

i question the validity of "ADHD" diagnoses. it's verified fact
that exposure to an unstable environment leads to the reflection
of that instability within behavior.

it's unacceptable to drug Children because "society" "tosses them
around" like clothes in an automatic drier. why focus upon the
Children when it's verifiably the case that adults don't provide
a stable culture in which the Children can develop?

are there any drugs that can "fix" such short-sighted stupidity?
even i'd invest in the company that marketed such.

it's all "just" TD E/I... relatively-random experiences result in
relatively-random neural activation "states"... relatively-random
neural activation "states" can only by-produce relatively-random
behavioral propensities... =this= is what "ADHD" is. and it's
miserably-unacceptable that folks seek "profits" while "moving
away from" the root-cause of the "problem"... screw everything up
big-time, then be so blind to adult responsibility as to blame
the victims (the Children)?

and that's not the end of it... Children mature to adulthood to
become the determiners of societal culture... randomness in...
randomness out... and This Nation becomes the randomness.

K. P. Collins

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