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Unusual Child Problem: Pulling hair out

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 25 19:12:28 EST 1999

(Adding some long babbling...)

>MBD folks tend to also go for pieces of skin
..but just certain ones

>I wondered if it are old programs of reducing cells that are not that
>important to maintain and just regrow them when there is more food.

>I don't know how old the areas of the sequencer are, but to me they
>seem pretty old.

That was not expresssed well, but I am not sure how to express it.
Like the sequencer using reduction programs  to create repetitive
programs, that might off-line me, and with that the sequencer would
have more peace, because I might be busy within my CPU in the brain or
the emotion generators go pretty central and them and my CPU are going
for daydream phases that are also following very complex different
systems, and some of the MBDs with many brain damages off-line to

Not sure but the way it seemed to me, those called autists who are
segregating and withdrawing to inside more tend to go for high action
with the emotion generators and generate complex daydream patterns,
and some of those with high brain damages withdrawing due to others
expecting them to go up to some norm not the own and often requiring
more capacities than they have might be "black-voiders". If the MBD is
not that strong, the daydreams when watched might have certain time
patterns where they pop up.

There is no good name I know, so at the moment I'll call it
"in-between" because for me it is a third stage like night-dreaming
and other sleep phases and being awake in different phases, and in
energies seeming between the two.
"In-between" I can order the sequencer to go to a sleep-like stage or
to tell it some navigation commands to supervise in the time that I
myself am in-between.
Inside for me if I am close to awake or asleep does not have to depend
on if the sequencer is set to sleep like or navigation commands.

Meaning it is possible that I have the eyes open, but am basically
more asleep and if someone is catapulting me up several times in a row
and forcing me to out-side connect I might eventuallly about as grumpy
as if he had woken me out of sleep several times in a row. But also it
is possible that people are convinced that I am asleep, but I am
pretty close to awake inside and it would not be much trouble for me
to up- and repower (to do with different sector links & settings and
processing their data) to awake if I wanted to.

The timings of the "in-between" stages and the main triggers (there
are different systems) might tell a bit if it is more physical or more
psychological.  Often it might be a mix of both, though, but there
might still be quite some dominance of one of the other.

I have been playing with altering around concerning "in-between" but
the internet and this room all the more are not places where at the
moment I feel to go for that, 
apart from that I got the possibly wrong impression that the main
question seemed to be more the hair and how it looks than what that
phase is good for inside and if it is wise to interrupt it.

For example one of the first questions I'd have are MBD and artificial
ranges  and with the place of the bed maybe also under earth water or
energy fields and what happens if the bed is in another place.
And before of course the question if the herd instinct program is at
night disturbed in a child maybe sleeping alone.

(I still find it very odd that 
what for me is often perceived as repetitive signal blend-out programs

are running in sleep.)

Maybe if you were to watch the phases and ask what is going in in them

and also ask the child to observe when they are there and to think
about why, you might find out at least about some of the systems

About the title, that it is an unusual child problem: 
I am pretty sure that I read about that when reading about MBD, but I
am not sure anymore if it was just restricted to children. 
In other words I am not sure that I'd call it a child problem, and it
seemed to be there with so many people that to me it does not sound
that unusual.

BTW, a friend of mine talked me into being messsenger smurf in a
messenger service where some other friend of ours works as well, 
and he is phone smurf, so sometimes after work I still hang around
there and chat with some of the folks and some evenings take him
along. He's MBD as well, though different than I, and once when he
seemed to have had a straining day and we were driving to some friend
after work, I noticed that when I talked he did his version of such
repetitive plucking stuff  while I talked, the way I sometimes do it
when I am tired and someone talks to me and it gets straining to
follow. I had not really been finished but stopped then, and he
stopped it, like I had expected as that likely would have been so with
me, too.

We often are very synchronous in such stuff, although the MBD reasons
are different, as with him there was trouble at birth and the back of
the head looks odd and with me I am born late.

Have you ever considered to get you someone with an own version of
such who is older and good enough in observing and stick the two in a
room and find out to what extent they tend to be in synch in such, and
if they are to ask the older one about the main initiators?

Though the bit with being tired or hungry  and some other observations
were parts of the list that I know.

And within me that often belongs so for me, and if someone were to try
to stop it because it does not fit to his norm, I guess I might
eventually get as angry as if a Martian was trying to bother me each
time I go to sleep just because the Martian does not need that form of

But I guess someone with such, too, if similar enough and good enough,
might find some ways to stop it or convert it to something less
bothering you  and care more for the reasons than you seem to.

BTW, I found the mere concept of drugging someone out of something
that for me seemed pretty natural for some MBD folks rather shocking,
as some outer stuff like hair I find less important than filter organs
and inner brain areas natural norms being injured to gain someone
non-MBD's standard of beauty or something like that.

To drug a child I find very wrong.
At least an adult is grown and might be far enough that if he decides
for some drug he can get the concept of receptor molecule changes, can
read what his kidneys and liver are good for, and so on.
And also an adult might react different if someone else decides that
what is natural for him must be stopped to satisfy someone else's
beauty concepts or expectations.

When older more awareness about what others think about you might come
by itself.

Just taking a wild guess as a young child I might not have thought
about what others think and feel that much.
While now if for direct example I had Frank, Grrr and Dag, 
with Frank I'd probably feel rather un-frank and decide for lots of
masks, with Grrr I'd probably decide to be pretty natural 
and with Dag for a mix.

For example with the repetitive sequencer (motorics) stuff  that means
that if I were to guess with Frank it would either run not at all or
very little compared to the normal rates 
and if very little than many of the more extreme forms not at all,
with Grrr I'd likely not bother to censor much, so if not disturbed
for long stretches there might run rather natural phases  
and with Dag I suspect some of the minor ones that are not that
obvious would not bother me as long as he were not to goggle at me
like some absurd insect for it, but I might not feel at ease with the
a bit more odd ones around him.

I believe with many young children the censoring skills tend to raise,
especially when reaching the end of childhood and turning a young
and if the child is not stupid with older age when meeting people
there might come enough feeling if it is wise to be who you are 
or if it is wise to make some mask show  for the primitive prejudiced
who need to categorize and are inside not knowing themselves well 
and are low in tolerance of others who are different.

Some of my friends I told straight that I am partial autist and
explained them some sector correlation differences as well, and if
making it like a display show at times, then the ones who need it can
observe it till they got used to it, and then it is not that much
different to someone having black skin after not having seen that in a
while or odd bumps all over the face or loads of rings. Eventually
what is different people tend to get used to, and then it is something
they are used to, and then it tends to be O.K. enough for many of
I believe someone fuzzing over me any time I do it would be ways more
stress than someone who looks a few times, till he gets bored with it,
and then I am not startled out of it anymore and it can run and do the
functions it there is supposed to be doing, without the strain of

...Stupid example, there was a plane flying by some seconds ago, so I
looked left out of the window there, and the sequencer made that the
left hand reached to the right side and played with the ear there, and
for me that belongs so, as the left hand is run by the right side, so
there is a doube output & input overlay to protect systems being a bit
down in energies while gazing out of the window. So that the bad vibes
of the monitor can't do as many damages.
Very often if the sequencer does something, it is correct in its ways
in what it is doing there.

I guess it would be more correct if I would avoid artificial ranges
too damaging  and would avoid all the stuff where there is too much of
a signal and then there is an override.

Then again a lot might be more correct and many people don't do it.

Personally I am convinced that chances for head cancer are lower if
the sequencer does overridings like those so that the own energies
can't be out-tuned so much towards artificial ranges stuff that is
causing dangerous energy alterations inside.
And also in other things I trust the sequencer.

I find that maybe more some people are not so aware of what is going
on in them and what is going in in others, and therefore believe that
the system cooperation or segregation function settings that are good
for one must be good for another, without really caring if that is so.

The segregation phases can have their dangers, too, but in a lot of
stuff the sequencer when in central external command is not so stupid
as with some of the connected people, because it is used to be central
control with the person's limbic own I areas off-lined from it, 
and therefore its thinking capacities even when MBD handicapped might
surpass those of people where the sequencer is never so long so often
in central navigation command by far.

Maybe in your brain you yourself in the limbic system & neocortex
areas are having ways more capacities, and maybe via the fornix you
can send a lot of stuff to the sequencer and be supervising a lot of
what the sequencer does, and can process a lot of external data,
but that you can does not mean that all can, nor that it is good for
them to strain to do so.

One of the others said that she used to be able to sense where the
moon is and the sun and some of the stars even within a building, and
that signals used to be crashing into her ways too strong, so she used
to off-line from external inputs a lot.
I was born late and do not seem to have the parallel processing
capacities; especially to me my own systems seem raather limited.
One had trouble at birth and the back of his head looks like squeezed
too flat and he often has what he calls migraine  but where I wonder
if it might not have to do with some sectors in his brain having been
squished to weird positions and shapes  and especially under stress
suffering more.

Can be quite different reasons for partial off-lining to the inside, 
and the sequencer in part of this time maybe generating mentioned
and I doubt that without understanding the reasons you will find a
good solution. 
Also I doubt the solution will be good the question more what is good
for you than what is good for the systems of the child.

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