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What's a Brain Wave?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 25 19:12:17 EST 1999

To Dag:

> Nerve cells also may impulse in bursts and take a short break, and then fire again, 
In deep sleep?  In which sectors (not) a lot?
>unlike wakefulness, where the activity is much more 


>Both sigma sleep spindles, deep sleep delta waves, and the relaxed
>wakefulness alpha rhythm reflect different relationships between
>cerebral cortex 
Where is the cerebral cortex?
>and two types of cell in the thalamus. 
Which areas of the thalamus and which cells?
>The gamma frequency of attention may also be a fourth mode of relationship between
Which areas of the cortex?
>and thalamus. Once this has become known, one knows roughly what
>signalling relationship exists between thalamus and cortex when the EEG
>shows one of these wave patterns.

I am usually not that interested in sequencer stuff,
unless maybe I disagree because it does (not) do something
and then I might grump at it or occasionally go for some warfare
against it. But if basically there is a minor war from one thinker of
the brain to the other, there are so many areas in the head where
there are energy pattern alterations in response, that I did not pay
much attention to that.

And usually I do not perceive areas of the sequencer 
and in other brains do not even recall the interest to try.
Like not knowing about the areas of it and feeling little more
interest about them so far than about some very very limited thinking
neighbour. (Maybe even less.)

(Or maybe if you keep cursing about someones limited thinking results,

and suspect that understanding more about how that ones areas exactly
function won't stop that one from interrupting you at inconvenient
that reduces the interest.)

Why does the thalamus interest you that much?

> Sometimes when I day-dream, I may drop off into sleep, and
>sometimes I know I am awake, but the thoughts and images just develop as
>absurdly/creatively as if I were in REM sleep. 

If you'd be in Berlin and I had good enough LSD stuff, 
and you were not into abusing other mammals  
but instead for yourself being test mammal, 
I might not mind to run a few experiments in your head systems,
grin...    ;-)

...Though I guess with the geriatric front, where it is forseeable
that within the next decades they'll be off into some earth-furniture,
I'd find it rather disquieting to have them for test mammals for
serious. Unless maybe I had their seriously meant oath that after
death they are leaving me alone unless I am magically head-tuning
using a mirror  or am on a grave yard and not having central focus on
necromancy or other stuff with another Geist. 
Apart from that neuros should stay out of such.

But if you weren't, someone maybe able to stay up in sleep 
and not minding to be test mammal and damages,
would be one where I might find it interesting to run my own sorts of
sleep research.  ;-)

I tried to find some logic following some
alpha-beta-gamma-delta-epsilon...omega system 
in the energy ranges when at puzzling over why those names were picked
for those ranges and why someone would be interested in sequencer
motoric areas in sleep, as I know little about such.
What is the system?
And is it referring to many areas in the brain?

BTW, thanks for listing that greek letter & ranges stuff,
had been wondering about that for a while. 

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