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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 26 05:16:16 EST 1999

> to the extent that Ritalin or amphetamines boost frontal functions, 

I felt like having having lead weights tied to thinking after trying
the stuff, which makes me wonder what frontal functions are supposed
to be "boosted".

Apart from trying to imagine how boosting something there to above the
natural  with some drug would be positive,
and if that might not cause couter regulations on the long run.

I know few drugs where I went more handicapped than of ritalin.

Of the drugs we use here if going from one to six I'd rate it between
2 and 3 depending on the amount.
There are some micros more dangerous and a few other drugs causing
higher alterations, but ritalin was quite a powerful drug.

>one would expect less (rather than more) acting out.

I'd more find that to do with pro-autistic tranqui effects the stuff
had in me.
On that I might drift off into a weird drugged pretty segregated
partial reality perception where much of the beauty of a functioning
mind is replaced with a strange trip and far less parallel tracking

But as a tranqui - tripping drug it is interesting.

BTW, has anyone ever tried to cross ritalin with a kind of
non-European shrooms?

And I wonder what Claude would estimate about that?

> However, these problems are caused by the ADHD, not the Ritalin.
How good of you to be so perceptive of individuals and the reasons for
differences compared to others and drug changes in some quite
different folks, to know that.

Though when I tried the stuff once I did not rate it a killer drug
like prozac. But then again as far as I recall I was busy making a
sand castle and felt like being on a class II drug and found it
amazing what hard drugs are put into children to damage part of their
systems to try to force them to a norm not the own  
and was not really checking for killing barrier programs alterations.

I would not exclude a certain detachement.

BTW, what do Ritalin and Prozac
do in the areas of the brain and body?

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