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My 10 yrs old son is suffering from "strange" headache

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 26 05:16:08 EST 1999

Don't really understand about this 
so don't give too much to it.

I guess my first idea would have been to move him out of range of
anything that might start to broadcast at 11a.m.
into some forest area far enough away,
or in some moutain valley or deeper natural cave.

And check if there it still pops up or not.

Sticking some pain killer in on the long run to me might more seem 
like having a splinter in the finger and taking a pain killer against
it the effects of which on organs I do not know.

If I was stinking rich I might even wonder what if I were to fly to a
place where the sun is coming up at a very different time,
and if there is would still be 11 a.m. or would retune for that again.

I might want to know in detail how the headaches started out first,
how they developed, and theories of the child about that.

And (though here maybe too unlikely) depending on the child and the
situation maybe also do some random contemplation if there is anything
at eleven at school or in some other place he does not like.

If it is migraine (though I never understood if this was something
concrete or a generalized term for some common symptoms the reasons of
which are not really understood and might be different)
someone told me he heard stopping to eat meat of pigs helps and he
stopped and it helped.
I just find it strange that they started out so suddenly.

With the location on the head, if pointing at it and saying how deep
inside and how big an area, where is it?

Guess some of my next ideas would be trying different stuff in the
morning and maybe the evening before the headache. 
Like jogging or/and bathtub and maybe asking if letting some warmer
and some colder water run over is making some positive or negative
differences. Meditating not near too many artificial ranges. 
No caffeine and sugar. Tai Chi at 10.30 .  In summer swimming in a
lake. Dragging him to Pine Ridge to Frank Fools Crow and ask him for

Trying different ways not seeming too much stress.

Well, guess some might be pretty stupid ideas,
but it was just some of the first stuff popping up when thinking about

>It seems like he is irritating by light and sound. 

I had that with rhythmic stuff after a concussion, and to me it sounds
like there is some area not able to handle overloads, maybe for damage
reasons. Maybe if finding out what the area is good for and not using
it and seeing to a rather natural surrounding for  while that might

I heard that there are areas in Tibet without much artificial ranges
or much other artificial stuff where no one has cancer.

If living in a place with many artificial inputs that would not have
been there in the last hundred million years,
and doing many things that are not natural but to do with the
artificial life and actions many in places like here make themselves,
then maybe an area had trouble.

But it could be a very different reason as well.

Once someone checked stuff in my blood and told me that something was
high there, but I forgot of that had to do with some inflammation some
place in the body or something else.

I guess if a doctor told me to numb pain, 
which tends to be an indication of systems damages,  
by drowning it with a pain killer as a longer time solution, 
I might contemplate others having a very good healing reputation and
try there if it does not seem too much stress.

Also going past some neuro education place in the early afternoon and
chat with students and teaching smurfs might be interesting.

In old times there also used to be a nice interesting person from
another land working in a library here, but now there is some crone
where I still wonder if she hatched out of some rotten egg  
or if university is by now just so low on money 
that these days they have personnel dug up by some zombie-makers 
and park the results of very failed spells in places like that.

I don't know if you are having any suited neuro places, libraries or
med student oriented bookshops nearby.

...Just been some ideas.

(Emotions often are a lot to do with healing as well.)

I wish your son better health.

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