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ASSC3: Consciousness and Self: Neural, Cognitive, and Philosophical Issues

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 26 05:15:30 EST 1999

(... Usual ranting against B. .S. like stuff.)

>                  3rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON THE THEME:

So after three meetings you still have not even gotten to specify
which ones of the consciousnesses / selves you mean.

Having another little sense censored round at chatting about torturing
other mammal persons and maybe slagging of some of the handicapped in
primitive ways?

Go on like this; already with your fools' naming you are making a
clown of science. I have come to appreciate the humour in it.

>workshops ...which will cover a variety of topics relevant to the study of 
>consciousness... will last for three hours and will offer plenty of opportunity for discussion and

Lol.... I believe if I were interested in the own consciousness of
someone one it might take me three hours alone even on a sense
enhancer on LSD to alter stuff in our brains for enough systems
compatibility to even just get more of the others own I 
(unless the other is hell of a telepath and can run powerful own I
area links for our brains).
After that I might be ways to busy to perceive and try to understand
for much different areas stuff to go for external stuff like verbal

And if I had questions, some of the main ones would be to MBD brains
with subperceiving powers in the own I areas.

One of the questions might be if I am permitted to try link when they
are shifting their energies within cholinergic limbic areas.

To run stuff about consciousnesses without telepathic sessions linking
the own consciousness to another or several others  is about as silly
as sense censored science can get.

Maybe some decade or millenium, let's say at the 1001th convention
about the Singularized Consciousness, you folks could make up your
water melons which of the consciousnesses/ selves / sectors  you are
referring to, and depending on the sector update with the data of
Earth for some decades of centuries, to then continue with an a bit
more intelligent headline.

Ever considered to update yourself, 
say with the telepathy data from thousands of years backwards,
so that at least you are not seeming like so retarded that stuff
practiced in so many places around Earth in so many cultures 
for so many thousands of years did escape your sense censored minds?

... I guess not.

Actually maybe you should consider to discuss watery melons instead.

>It is possible to attend two workshops, one in the morning and one in 
>the afternoon. The registration fee for attending one workshop is $75 
>(CDN); for two, $150 (CDN). 

Great, so best I pay $150 for sense censored simplifying of human
consciousnesses / selves.
You don't happen to have a workshop for $ 150 about the generalized
organ where I can listen to theories about THE organ without
specifications which one(s)?
Or maybe $150 for a workshop about how to get ripped off $150? 

>Note that a separate registration fee must be paid to attend the conference itself, 
Yeah, we wouldn't want to forget that, would we.

... I guess I should consider to make a $ 1500 workshop 
about some generalized consciousenesses stuff 
and for anyone I don't like 1500 Mio 
and no guarantee for health.
To study cholinergic limbic consciousness under the aspect if anyone
would actually pay that, too.   ;-)

>Workshop 1: Schizophrenia and Consciousness. 

Do you want to drive people into death or why do you continue
that...in this one?

I'd say the relation between the different conscious areas in the
brain, though of course relevant, is considerably less relevant for
some people hallucinating than a trained telepath to teach them how to
shift brain energies to non-hallucinting ranges.
I'd assume that first that old art would be important to some people
hallucinting against their will and then might come the question about
the relations between the conscious areas and other areas.

I suggest you leave stuff to do hallucinating to the professionals of
Earth with so many thousands of years of data to back them up 
and stuff about the consciousnesses to the sub-perceivers.
Or at least at some point bother to find out where humanity is in

>Workshop 2: Actions, Faces, Objects and Space: How to Build a
>        Neurobiological Account of the Self. 

Face for the Generalized Self.


Just in order to perceive faces how do you want to do that without
accessing other areas than I/self areas?

When you get the answer to that one you might get why the whole
together is nonsense.

>Workshop 5: Relationships between Conscious and Unconscious

How idiotic in nonsense  and generalizings without areas can one get?

Is this supposed to be about stuff to do with the brain stem and some
other areas and energy stages regulations 
leaving out many other energy stages?

You couldn't get it more vague, could you?

>Workshop 6: Emotion and Consciousness

Any reason you keep this in the singular?

Which emotions from which sites 
and which consciousnesses?

Or is the idea that there is just one consciousness and just one

>Workshop 9: Binding and the Unity of Conscious Perception:

Let me guess, you folks just figured out how to make the
consciousnesses unite to the point of that every handicapped person at
every stages is going to perceive them as unitiy of conscious
perception. Impressive.

Next you folks are going to tell me after how to do it, that all
people would actually want that, especially all termed autists.

Of course while at it sneaking around the question if what is
supervising the motoric sequences in autists in segregated stages is
able to become a who or not  I guess?

So how about a fun one: To what extent is the thalamus conscious in
the person doing the workshop?

>Workshop 10: Neurological disorders of consciousness.

At least at that point you might indicate sectors for a change.

Even stuff like Alzheimer is not just effecting own cholinergic limbic
areas. As own connections to other areas are rather powerful this is
surely a point to be considered.

Let's simplify the question: Do you rate the diagonal bands to be part
of the own consciousness or not,
and what role does advanced Alzheimer have in this?

>Workshop 12: The Neurochemical Basis of Consciousness and Sense of
>        Self. John Smythies, University of California, San Diego, USA 
Just in case you really folks really figured that one out I suggest to
consider the moral aspects and to have an unfortunately full list for
anyone suspected to be some AI vulture or into people control.   

I understand you re wishing to exchange data about such, and in other
forms of course in the underground branches some of us have been
having discussions about similarities of conscious areas as well, 
but usually such is regarded top classified data.
Not all that is known has to be known by all.

I do not expect your branch to be as secretive about a lot of stuff
other branches are, especially the persecuted ones, 
but maybe there are a few points where you should consider to not
vomit data all over the place.

Like basics of I areas.

It does not take a genius to come up with the idea to take the cell
groups if the I areas and compare them, 
to next take the cell groups of the thinking areas and compare them,
and then in the age of gene and cell alterations come up with a few
extremely immoral ideas.


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