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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

wildearth wildearth at erols.com
Mon Apr 26 22:05:51 EST 1999

ken collins wrote in message <3724EFD0.D1C7B843 at banet.net>...
>wildearth wrote:
>> Malcolm McMahon wrote in message <37251f8c.4121606 at news.demon.co.uk>...
>> >
>> >
>> >Well I certainly remember being exposed to violence as entertainment in
>> >my formative years in the fifties and sixties. It wasn't as realistic
>> >but I'm not convinced that lack of realism shouldn't actually make
>> >things worse.
>> Violent movies in the 50 and 60's are incomparable to the vivid,
>> reinforced violence in entertainment today.  The explicit realism,
>> repeatedly, desensitizes the viewer.  The shadowy, obfuscated violence of
>> the past did not have the same effect on the viewer.  Perhaps you should
>> your own comparison and watch a 50's movie and 90's movie back to back.
>> >
>> >People want, very much, to believe that the bad behaviour of children is
>> >due to some environmental influence beyond their control. The Internet
>> >is the latest scapegoat but TV is still going strong. Before that is was
>> >rock-and-roll. Before that comic books.
>> Quite the contrary, people want to *deny* the adverse affects so that
>> can continue to satiate their appetites for violence. Yet the adverse
>> affects are clearly documented in my psych text and documented by
>> >
>> >I have to say that I was grimly ammused by Clinton's speach about how
>> >parents ought to prevent their children accessing things glorifying
>> >violence. I wonder if that thought included guns?
>> >
>> >Truth is every viable society has to feed it's boys on a diet of action
>> >hero stories because young men are always called upon to do any
>> >necessary killing and dying. A society that failed to do this would be
>> >replaced in a few generations with one that did. It would be nice to
>> >live in a world where we could survive without a warrior class but we
>> >don't.
>> Today, young men and women volunteer for military duty.  And, a division
>> between a "warrior" class and everybody else is slowly dissolving.
>> >
>> >There is, I think, within all of us a resentment of the necessary
>> >restrictions of social living. The conflict between our genetic and our
>> >socially inculcated drives. The Fenris Wolf bound by a magic cord of
>> >domestication. (see http://www.pigsty.demon.co.uk/fenris.html for an
>> >essay on the subject). There's no good pretending it's not there or
>> >trying to starve the poor beast on a diet of blandness. Rather we must
>> >pay carefull attention to the state of the cord. We must accept the
>> >presence of Evil within us and see to it that within is were it stays.
>> If evil, as you say, is to stay within, then it is violent behavior
>> we need to do without.
>> >If child violence has become more commonplace I'm affraid that it's may
>> >be down to just what thinking people don't want it to be - lack of
>> >discipline.
>> A lack of discipline which is modeled in the movies.  What ever happened
>> the concept of modeled behavior and learning by observation?  Old hat?
>an example that exposes the fact that the status quo, with
>respect to the question you raise, is "just" a big lie has been
>in the news recently... a student fighter pilot was so able to
>increase the level of performance that he brought into
>fighter-pilot's school, by using an off the shelf flight
>simulator, that the military is buying the game for it's flight
>...but we all "know" that none of these modern media "don't
>influence behavior"... yeah, sure... it's all "just" a huge lie,
>foisted upon the innocents of Society by the predation of the
>"profit" seekers.
>[i'll say, again, here, that i've nothing against profits... why
>not reward folks who, through their labors, lift up everyone?
>what i stand against is "profit" seeking that preys upon
>innocents... one can distinguish between the two because the
>former lifts up, while the latter tears down.
>i Thank you for the Courage that's in your post. K. P. Collins

Thank you Ken.  BTW, I read your piece, The Difficult Thing (I am assuming
you wrote this), and it was wonderful.


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