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materialism and all that

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 26 11:51:36 EST 1999


Matt Nuiver <mttnvr at dordt.edu> wrote:
>Why is talk of religion such a problem or"crutch" for some of you. 

Look, if you want believe that Big Booboo is going to rescue you and
those from death you love, and that it are just some body hulls and
not the person decaying and that they are now happy with Big Booboo,
and tht Big Booboo will be there for you if you crawl around in front
of some sign of him and pray to him, and that you should have no Gods
but Big Booboo.
Or pick some other god(s) or religions.

Then you can get yourself one or several souls 
plus maybe a few quarter-souls four each finger, green astral mass and
a tape worm with an own soul that is your time travel bonding partner
through the ages and shall be with you in each incarnation.

Actually I do not care much.

You can send your soulsstuff back in time with Mystic Sling shot and
ask Newton and Kepler about how Jesus probably made that the blind
said "I see" and I am sure that their knowledge about that is ever so
much more impressive as that of the carriers of magic data of
thousands of years and mental and physical healing data back into the
dawn of time who were here and in other places murdered by Catholics
who wanted Jesus stuff not just to be some magically impressive stuff
but to be of some god not to be questions.

If you are not idiotic you know very well why the Catholics persecuted
the practicers of magic that hard and tried to destroy magic knowledge
nearly whereever they got.

And if your Christians were not sense censoring their children and let
the axon sructures for magic decrease in the babies and try to keep
the sense censored this land would hardly have become the artificial
ruin it is now.

> this is how God works.

Whom are you referring to with that title exactly.
The last I had in my place titled goddess by someone can't be meant.

Here we are having very many of the Wanen and the Asen Gods, a
Christian, Islam & Jewish God, The Horned God and the Goddes, Tara
seems to be gaining adoring here, and then there are various Asian
Gods and probably a load that I overlooked, as some years ago from
what I heard here in Berlin we had over 200 hundred registered
religions, and I do not mean offense to any of them in case I should
have overlooked a few dozen to a few thousands.

By current importance among some folks I know I'd say first come the
beings who are not of Earth, then come the beings who are of Earth,
and some like some of Jesus attitudes and magic, some find the Asian
Buddha concept good though they do not wish to be a Buddha and tend to
find the cancer risk caused by Westie science stuff to high to try to
learn to tune for full enlightenment, then come the old gods and the
very old gods, then the Horned one and the Goddess by some of the
neo-cults and the Christian God by some of the old-fashioned Catholics
and a few of the Protestants, maybe then several Gods from India, 
and there are some mixed versions where I am not sure what to make of
it, as there might be Asian, European and other religious nice
pictures, statues and symbols together with stones and feathers and
other stuff on several sort of little altars, and as I am not into
that god stuff I am not sure if that is just for concepts of others
found interesting or to do with perceiving these to be symbols for
powers generated be people praying to that force and that way
generating it or actual beings or something else.
If I don't have my troll days at times I rather shut up for a change
and better don't even ask.  People knowing me know there
could stand someone bathed in weird ranges coming through the window
in my room and talk of a Goddess while I old magic vulture might tune
me data, comment on the term "spirits" and that even if some of the
others might be a few thousand years or galactron turns or more older,
be freaking powerful for my standards and use ranges where in a
lifetime and maybe thousands of years I do not foresee the capacities
for humanity on Earth to build anything like that, that does not mean
that for me they are gods or some other title stuff or female or male.

If you like one of them and wish to title that one your god, that is
your thingie, you are the one to feel fine with them.

Do you have the place of origin or current aims, typical patterns,
colour transitions, preferred contact ways or something else that is
so typical that one could discern which one you mean from the others?
Maybe jut make a description of that person the last time you perceive
the person, then I might get an idea.
Else you sound like talking about The DOG or The Man, as if there were
just one and not very many on Earth.

And since you like the scientific bit, the main ranges of the being
you call god would interest me
and if it can have off-off-spring to be like itself 
and if in the last centuries it had such.

One of the few things I value at times about people liking science is
the precision of facts,  the liking of listing facts,
and that they strive not to mistake belief and own wishes 
with what is.


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