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School Shootings & Psychoactive Drugs

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Wed Apr 28 19:37:50 EST 1999


ken collins wrote:


> addendum:
> comments of former President Bush, today, called up the following
> in my "heart"...
> President Bush said (paraphrase) that he "has contempt for anyone
> who exposes U. S. intelligence methods".
> so do i. 

the "so do i", above was a cop-out. i Apologize.

i understand that there's some usefulness in gathering
information that enables preparedness, but it's the need for
such, and the way that reprehensible actions are taken in the
name of "national security" that are what i hold in "contempt"...
they are "just" everything that's ravaged Humanity "elevated to a

i'm aware that there's a knee-jerk reaction to Jesus within the
realm of "science", but Christ addressed such directly 2000 years

"For everyone who does evil hates the light, and does not come to
the light, lest his deeds be exposed."

that's what all the intense "secrecy" is actually all about...
folks doing stuff that they "know" is reprehensible, and
professing their "knowledge" in the very act of "hiding" what
they do.

and the reprehensibility becomes magnified when the motivation
for "secrecy" is actually "profits".

it's such a sorrow... where there could be rapid progress if
folks just honored each others' Humanity, there's only

for instance, the U. S. is "stymied" with respect to dropping
food supplies to the destitute in Kosovo "because" they'd be
simultaneously feeding the Serb army.

a similar thing exists with respect to my efforts to communicate
NDT's understanding... i give AoK to anyone who wants it, but
experience has shown that, if i discuss further out of the
presence of fair witnesses, the "profit" seekers "just" take
whatever i share while disbaraging my credibility so that i'll
not be able to reach any of the folks for whom the work was done,
so that they can establish the illusion that they have a right to
develop the things that i've shared, so they can seek "profits"
unencumbered by Truth.

same-o, same-o... and when one looks, there's the reprehensible
"secrecy"... the absence of light... that's at the core of the
Tragedy in "Yugoslavia", and at the core of the Tragedy of the
understanding's being actively withheld... if it were not the
case that the understanding has been withheld, "Yugoslavia" would
never have exploded.

...yet, "it's me who is the villain"... msg after msg (with
exceptions that i hold, gratefully, in my "heart") addressing me
as if i'm some sort of "poor fool" who cannot comprehend common
social phenomena... folks "having fun", or "demonstrating" this
or that in the face of my having so given everything within me to
the work that it almost killed me... it's all so

folks who wonder where my "heart" is should spend some "time"
going over AoK's Epilogue... as Christ said, "A house divided
cannot stand." "secrecy", where only Truth, shared in the light
of day, has a right to exist, is unacceptable.

as for me, i stand with my Brother, the young man before the war
machine in Tiannanmen Square. and there i will stand.

K. P. Collins

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