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materialism and all that

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Apr 29 16:47:33 EST 1999

>ALL this crap eventually boils down to morality judgement,
>a "good" and "bad" definitions

...for you.

>It is not even clear you are looking through the right hole,
>as if you were, then you would not come to the point you came,
>and that is,
>standing on the brink of self anihilation.

Actually I used to love to stand at the brink of self anihilation for
nearly as long as I can recall, though literally balancing over walls
or standing on spots where I likely would not survive a more serious
mistake is just one of many forms that I tended to enjoy for the
adrenalin rush or other effects. 

I used to be an adrenalin junky till I "discovered" LSD.

BTW, is Hofmann, the inventor of dead by now?

Heard he was born 1906 and someone around thirty complained that
several years ago Hofmann went off with the woman he himself had been
trying to get to bed, 
and tht acquaintance mentioned that inbetween he had bragged that he
can fuck like an animal.
He said that for his age Hofmann had looked rather impressive. 

But could be that that person just made it up.

>You did not even manage to live in harmony with nature.
Give it a try when born in Berlin with a wall around.

BTW, just for orientation for the non realistic:

In the center of existence is West Berlin, then in all directions is
EAST, and quite a bit remote  direction where the sun "goes down" is
West. There the West Berlin person in the past was able to get an
impression of as natural beings as cows. 
And of bigger forests with trees (often in lines) of 1-5 sorts 
and other compared to Berlin amazingly natural phenomena.

>All you are interested is maximization of the rate of sucking
>with all this monkey business you call science.

I tend to call them Westies most of the time, as science is too close
to scire for my taste to apply well for people sense censoring
themselves on intention to the point, that you can't even
telepathically swap some energy data like humans into magic have been
doing for thousands of years.

But I admit  that the concept of smurfing to the technical university
and to get me a few young brains into physics and alter some of their
head systems a little to magic in maybe for humanity rather unbecoming
ways   has occurred to me.

>>The profession thanks you. Sincerely.
>And who are you, mr. dead donkey ass sucker?

Mice, actually.

And though Dag at times is not exactly a mental rocket
if he writes something it is pretty rate that I recall not agreeing to
it.  He has a ways lower error rate than some others of the headblind
in bionet.neuroscience going off theorizing.

He makes the neuro mistake to try to reduce the brain to some axon
synapse bla, instead of regarding more of all akasha of the brain &
body (or what you might call regard a human subatomically),
and he is sense censored and seems to like to remain so.

In other words compared to some of the stupid stuff of some other
scientists he is not doing that bad.

(Though of course it is a riddle to me how someone into sleep problems
can be sense censored to the point of not being able to link into
energies of sleeping brains even in stages where it is still pretty
simple. Instead abusing other mammals of a different kind where I
figure that if I were to try to tune some of my brain energies to some
of theirs even on LSD I'd get serious conversions problems even for
intitial tunings because they are so away from the more common ones I
am used to of humans.)

>What authority do you have to speak for entire profession?

He is 58 from what I got, and seems to have been working in his
profession for a while, 
so even I figure he has the authority to speak for it 
as long as not going for too much nonsense.

And when it comes to "letting the inner monkey out for rank fighting
stuff" he IS seeming to have the dignity of age wisdom to stay out of
such, while the more primitives into more primal stuff like me and
Frank and a few others of us might orc around, and some of the
so-called scientists joining like a hoard of "pubertizing" male


So all in all I regard him as still fairly "scientific".

Just that for me that also tends to have a lot of negative

(And, though I doubt it,  I hope he gets out of keeping mammal

Maybe better waste your insults on someone better suited than Dag, 
or when wanting to insult Dag, first get more about him 
and keep some humour in it, or an a bit more intelligent style,
else EVEN TO ME it seems primitive.

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