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Survive & Reproduce

Patrik Bagge pab at neramd.no
Wed Dec 1 07:57:07 EST 1999

>i experience 'invitations' all the 'time', i've not experienced anything
that i
>could've construed as being aligned with Truth. remember NDT redefines what
>is to be Human. i can't enter into 'deals' that set aside Truth for the
sake of
>'partnership'. the main thing is that NDT's understanding was unfamiliar to
>everyone. i can't allow it's stuff to be used as a 'lever' by some, with
>to their own purposes. yet, that's the only sort of 'invitation' i've ever

well, stop teasing with the carrot, what is the content of the
'redefinition' ?

>> The human intellect can get over this basic 'directive' but it's hard and
>> rare.
>that's just it. NDT shows folks, regardless of their personal
circumstances, how
>to transcend the 'ignoble-ness' of what's been referred to as 'human
>(which is nothing more than B. S., born of ignorance with respect to the
>in which nervous systems process information.)

allow me to require a little more than B.S. as an argument.

>> statistically this is true, i'm afraid, short-term survive&reproduce
>> before long-term 'survive'. It's when things get personal or the air
>> hard to breath , we begin to wake up.
>> it's the oscillation of nature, including humanity.
>naw, it's 'just' ignorance.

naw, it's 'like' i said ;-)

>a little 'story' about Sandy.

a good story, with much to learn from
A personal analysis:

'Sandy' has less 'priority' and importance compared to
the kids, their 'survival' was wrongfully interpreted to be threatened.
Therefore the 'chain'.  Boils down to 'prejudice'
After that some important trust&faith, which humans obviously
have too little of, it's mostly a 'we' against 'them', 'sport' ;-)

A way of avoiding Sandys chains would have been to introduce
him to the kids, let them throw a couple of items and observe
how gracefully he would have fetched them. Of course he
still would be considered different, as being a  'dog', but
anyway, a friend to play with, instead of being scared of.


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