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science = determinism? (Schrodinger: algorithm or phenomena?)

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 2 04:28:30 EST 1999

Peter da Silva wrote:


> Look, I didn't bring that up because Einstein was a god, I brought that up
> to point out that even if you were assuming that EM was continuous you still
> came up with quantized "particles". I picked that particular experiment
> because it's well enough known that the bloke I was talking to might have
> heard of it.
> Go back and have a look at the message I was following up to, OK?

and the bloke says:

so-called 'quanta' are illusory, resulting from the fact that what have been
referred to as 'atoms' are actually Spherical Standing Waves (SSWs) of energy
that, during some creation violence, got 'trapped' within their surrounding,
extreme-fluid, Universal Energy Supply [UES; what, i presume, some folks have
come to call 'quintessence' (see "What Do Physicists Fret About? Nothing", by
reported by J. Glanz, _New York Times_ "Science Times", Tuesday, 30Nov99, pD1).]

what've been referred to as 'atoms' are actually SSW<->UES
'expansion'-'compression' harmonics. the 'trapping' occurs be-cause the
volume/surface-area (v/sa) ratio of a 'constant' quantity of stuff varies
nonlinearly as the quantity of stuff undergoes 'compression' and 'expansion'.

the 'compression' and 'expansion' are limited by c. i posted a little QBASIC
program a couple of weeks ago that depicts the main quality.

it's all 'just a continuous energy flow.

there's the illusion of things being 'quantized' be-cause the directionality of
the energy flow reverses 'between' 'compression' and 'expansion' phases of the
SSW<->UES harmonics, and detectors, such as 'photoelectric' setups, only see
half of the energy flow.

there's much more. i know of no physical phenomenon that's not already
integrated within what i call "Tapered Harmony" (because, in the end, everything
reduces to the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is what's
described by 2nd Thermo (wdb2t); in the name, the 'tapered' reflects this
one-way flow; the 'harmony' reflects the SSW<->UES harmonics.)

Tapered Harmony replaces 'Quantum Mechanics', although, like Copernican vs
Ptolemaic Astronomy for ~100 years, TH is not yet up to QM's precision.

what TH does is remove all of the so-called 'weirdness'.

ken (K. P. Collins)

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