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Hippocampal Function

Peter Fellin fell_joinedby_in at one.net.au
Fri Dec 31 21:26:35 EST 1999

If you excluded at least some of your pathos and typographical excesses your
othewise perfectly valid point would get across more easily (I believe).
People does not readily take to the poetical flavor of real pain. Not to
undertones of (your personal) suffering either.

My gamble/strategy has been to present the both most actively ignored and on
the whole most unpalatable aspect of how things are, disguised with ironic
tongue-in-cheek humour and septal semANTICS -- but nobody has so far seemed
to be able to swallow and digest it, and produce their own EPT-aligned
position of omniscientific understanding.

This was just another well-meaning warning from,

"Sir Knowitall"


kenneth Collins <kpaulc at earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:386ACBA2.51FADC4 at earthlink.net...
> Brian Scott wrote:
> >
> > With respect to hippocampal atrophy and depression, a poster at the
> > recent Society for Neuroscience meeting demonstrated that a variety of
> > antidepressant drugs as well as electroconvulsive shock (which we have
> > found as well) increase granule cell neurogenesis in the hippocampus.
> > That group seems to think there is a connection between neurogenesis
> > here and the antidepressant effects of these drugs.
> >
> > Brian
> they've got it mucked-up.
> neither the 'drugs' nor 'ect' have anything, at all, to do with what's
> referred to as 'depression'. both 'just' create internal conditions with
> respect to which TD E/I-minimization can occur.
> the Costs inherent in resort to such extremely-Artificial 'means' are
> high. their extreme-Artificiality, which derives in the fact that the
> 'treatments' are, inherently, uncoupled from the information-contents of
> individuals' external experiental environments, flat-out =PRECLUDES=
> convergence upon 'normal' neural information-processing dynamics, and,
> therefore, behavior.
> if it weren't so Tragic, it'd 'crack-me-up' that, in their
> automated-'Blindness' folks, motivated by 'profits', Screw things up so
> badly.
> K. P. Collins

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