Action Potential bandwidth

Iain McClatchie iain at 10xinc.com
Sat Aug 19 00:10:21 EST 2000

Could someone point me at a reference for some sort of average number
of action potentials per second in the human brain?

I'm a VLSI hardware guy, not a neuroscientist, but my general
thinking was that the human body is about 100 watts sitting in a
chair, the brain might be roughly 25 watts, the action potential
voltage change is about 100 mV, so that gives 250 amps of ions
across the neuron walls at 100% efficiency.  Maybe 50-100 amps in
real life.

But there I'm stuck.  I don't have any idea of the current density
on the surface of the axon, nor the active area of the neuron.  Are
there easy references for this sort of thing?

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