deja vu

Vytautas Slotkusl at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 1 21:38:02 EST 2000

There can't be a true scientific explanation, because this "effect" is not
completely understanded. We can make a guess, but it will be only a guess.
If that is what you want, then it can be explained as a cognitive asociation
with a similar situation (wich follows the same pattern) and creates the
feeling, that you have already experienced that in the past or that you have
already been in that place (it does not require any external similarities,
although this would acentuate the effect. What's important is the emotional
and asociational pattern must be similar to some in the past. The
discrepances make the deja  vu effect weaker or non existant. So there must
be within certain similarity level. We can guess that this is different for
every person, wich certainly must be true, but without an experimental basis
we can't argue anything.) The deja vu effect can be an example of the
asociational-memory  mechanism wich helps us to remember, but in wich the
rememorizing proccess is incomplete due to the discrepances between both
situations but close enough to create the deja vu feeling. Well, it is only
an opinion, so hope anyone here will express theirs too, to compare.

Dave Sokal wrote in message <9087s3$931$1 at oyez.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk>...
>Hi NG,
>first of all sorry, if this is off topic.
>Can someone give me a scientific explanation of the _deja vu_ effect?
>    Niko

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