Cryptobiosis research?

George Hammond ghammond at mediaone.net
Fri Dec 8 11:32:59 EST 2000

Naw... I think you're clearly wrong about
a 3rd category.  The proof is simply this.
Obviously the definition of "dead" we can
easily take to be "non life capable".  Which
then implies that it's opposite, "life capable",
means "alive".  Occams razor would tell us that
"life capable" then is merely a special case
of "alive".  Therefore, animals in the
Cryptobiotic state are in fact "alive".  Your
terminology "life capable" is seen to be
merely a subcatagory of "alive", same as
"unconscious" or "comatose" etc. etc.
Thus, there are really only two states;
either "dead or alive".

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