Brain Fingerprinting: Science or Quackery?

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Mon Dec 11 07:48:48 EST 2000

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>much depends on the way in which it is applied or interpreted.  And
>the show did specify that a witness to a crime would likely have the
>same recognition to specific details as the perpetrator. lt is also
>probably not at all known whether specific individuals might have
>aberrant responses that would generate either false negatives or
>false positives.
    I can just about guarantee that no two people would have the same 
recognition of specific details. This has been shown over and over again with
widely varying eye witness testimony on the streets, in studies and in most 
police academies.   There is no reason to think that memories are any less 
filtered and interpreted, etc., at the brain fingerprinting level as at any 

"Writers even write the silences"
       -J. Michael Straczynski

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