a silly question about drugs used in addition therapy

Shamim Khaliq shamim at khaliq.intensive.co.uk
Thu Dec 14 12:42:46 EST 2000

Ah, i didn't mean it like that. i meant it out of curiosity. I haven't got
as far as giving up smoking yet. I just like making links between different
things I study. like, is it a possibility? (you know, fun things to

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> "Shamim Khaliq" <shamim at khaliq.intensive.co.uk> wrote in message
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> > Re: this new drug, Zyban, to help people stop smoking. It elevates
> dopamine
> > levels in the mesolimbic system and has noradrenergic effects in the
> > coeruleus. It reduces craving. I'm an extravert/impulsive, meaning
> increased
> > sensitivity to reward and novelty possibly due to increased dopaminergic
> > activity in the ventral tegmental projection system. It also makes me
> > susceptible to addiction, presumably also due to increased sensitivity
> > reward. (See http://www.cogsci.soton.ac.uk/bbs/Archive/bbs.depue.html)
> > Wouldn't a drug that reduces the motivational properties of stimulants
> also
> > affect my personality?
> >
> Doesn't smoking already affect your personality?  It does seem odd that
> someone who can accept the known enormous side effects of nicotine
> and tars should be worried about some potential side effects of a drug
> to help them stop smoking!

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