Basic questions about neurons

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Ashish Ranpura <aranpura at mindspring.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Dec 2000 00:59:45 GMT, "Richard Norman"
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>>Probably the best source is one already mentioned in this thread:
>>    F. Rieke, D. Warland, R. vanSteveninck and W. Bialek.
>>    "Spikes: Exploring the Neural Code", MIT Press 1999

> I'm sorry to jump into this thread late, but I've been eyeing this
> book for some time. How do you all find it? Well written, new

It's one of the better books around. Read it first ignoring all the
footnotes and esp the appendix. And then read it again with all the
details.  It's arranged like an Oliver Sacks book, i.e. really annoying
with all the references that make you go to the end of the book, so you
quickly loose track of the overall thread. Which is why I recommend reading
it twice.


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