the-times.co.uk: Whitworth: Gore drinks 6 cans Diet Coke daily 11.4.00

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> On Wed, 20 Dec 2000 15:02:28 GMT, wuzzy <wuzzi at my-deja.com> wrote:

> >hrmm.. if its diet coke i don't think its too bad on the teeth, doesn't
> >diet coke use aspartame?  anyway, i haven't drank diet coke in the
> >longest time so i don't know what kind of sweetener they use...

> But still it contains phosphoric acid ?? If so, no gain in exchanging
> sugar with aspartame, since that acid is the main destroyer (both
> solvation and chelating the calcium ions. Also citric acid is quite
> bad for the enamel)

Bad for the enamel?

Alf, ... You are very perceptive.

Six cans a day of coke is a prescription for being toothless in about 15
years or so.  I know, because I am speaking from experience.  Your silver
fillings will start to protrude over the surface of your teeth as the enamel
is gradually eaten away. Your front teeth will eventually thin to the point
where they will start falling apart.

That is when I decided to get dentures.  :-)

And, I ain't joking either.  Took me no more than 20 years of drinking coke.
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