the-times.co.uk: Whitworth: Gore drinks 6 cans Diet Coke daily 11.4.00

Robert Schuh rob at rschuh.com
Sat Dec 23 02:40:42 EST 2000

John 'De Man' wrote:

> "Alf Christophersen" <alf.christophersen at basalmed.uio.no> wrote in message
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> > On Wed, 20 Dec 2000 15:02:28 GMT, wuzzy <wuzzi at my-deja.com> wrote:
> > >hrmm.. if its diet coke i don't think its too bad on the teeth, doesn't
> > >diet coke use aspartame?  anyway, i haven't drank diet coke in the
> > >longest time so i don't know what kind of sweetener they use...
> > But still it contains phosphoric acid ?? If so, no gain in exchanging
> > sugar with aspartame, since that acid is the main destroyer (both
> > solvation and chelating the calcium ions. Also citric acid is quite
> > bad for the enamel)
> Bad for the enamel?
> Alf, ... You are very perceptive.
> Six cans a day of coke is a prescription for being toothless in about 15
> years or so.  I know, because I am speaking from experience.  Your silver
> fillings will start to protrude over the surface of your teeth as the enamel
> is gradually eaten away. Your front teeth will eventually thin to the point
> where they will start falling apart.
> That is when I decided to get dentures.  :-)
> And, I ain't joking either.  Took me no more than 20 years of drinking coke.
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I am in shock EVERY time I read the detritus that comes out of this man's mouth.

Robert Schuh
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 intimidates the neighbour is henceforth called evil; and
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