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"Robert Schuh" <rob at rschuh.com> wrote in message
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> I have had plenty of Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi and Diet Pepsi and I have
never even
> had a cavity. Butch up John!
> --
> Robert Schuh
> "Everything that elevates an individual above the herd and
>  - Nietzsche

Dear Super Human and Champion of Excess Protein:

I never mentioned the word "cavity" once.  My post, for those who can read,
was referring to the enamel dissolving effects of the acids contained in
Coke/Pepsi.  And, so was Alf's post for that matter.

And, since you have no cavities, it would be very hard for you to notice the
gradual erosion of enamel from your teeth caused by your aforementioned
habit.  And, by the time you notice, ... It will be too late.  :-)

John Gohde,
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