I need a 32-channel EEG amplifier.

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The cheapest way to do this is by getting some old EEG machines made by Grass or Nihon Kohden and running them together. The problem is that they're big and heavy. The alternative to using such is building your own amps using some published circuits. Building your own amps isn't easy unless you have previous experience with high gain low-noise amplifiers.

So, tell me where you are on the globe and I'll ask someone to look out for old EEG machines that are being replaced. You might be able to get 16 or 18 channel machines for anywhere from free to US$1500 depending on the source. The best I could offer would be about US$6000 each.

Are you working with human or animal subjects?

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Happy Holidays

PS -  ER's Episode 10,  on January 4, 2001 will show a Grass-Telefactor Digital EEG system.  I think the unit we loaned to Warner Brothers Studios for this taping was an older Albert Grass Heritage system.  Regardless of the vintage, it should be fun to see how EEG is spun into ER's plot that evening and gives us an opportunity to show friends and family one aspect our careers.
  ""Suzanne"" <ryooki at home.com> wrote in message news:000a01c0685a$1821fd80$0701a8c0 at cutopia.net...
  Hello, does anyone have any suggestions for finding a cheap EEG amplifier just for
  some simple experiments?  I'm interested in looking at the delta and theta ranges vs.
  the alpha and SMR ranges.  Are there any sites that give instructions for building
  simplified devices?


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