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WOW! you have entirely way to much spare time in your life sir.

Michael wrote:

> Could Pokemon be created? Mabey they could, There bodies could be made by
> genticly enegenering other animals. e.g. A bird can be easly turned into
> a pidgy. But making pokemon do what they do on TV would be alot harder for
> many reasons. - If pokemon worked the same as real life Ash would be dead
> and the human race would be wiped out because pokemon are more powerful then
> humans. - Pokemon fire or other moves cannot kill a person. - They have Teleportation
> but not even roads between cities.
> There are ways to overcome this. If all pokemon are controled by a central
> super computer by transmitter attached to there brains. The fight will haved
> to be computer controled so no harm is done to the pokemon but used speical
> effects to make it look like they are fighting. A new type of fire will need
> to be invented, one that do not burn. And pokemon will need a Air to Matter/Enegey
> converter built into them. (by the way have not been invented) Making the
> pokemon go into the pokeball will be the hardest. But it might be able to
> be done, The pokemon can have built in equpiment that will deconstrut the
> pokemon and store it in the pokeball.
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