growth hormone transcript in pituitary IL

James Teo james at teoth.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Dec 26 20:08:44 EST 2000

On 26 Dec 2000 19:56:57 -0000, Mari.Shinohara at joslin.harvard.edu
("Shinohara, Mari") wrote:
>Does anyone know wether rodent pituitary intermediate lobe (IL) also
>produces growth hormone?
>I am now trying to surgically isolate clean IL from anterior lobe tissues.
>There I am using RT-PCR to check my IL tissues not including AL by detecting
>GH mRNA.  Even though I do LCM (laser captured microdissection), which is
>supposed to be very precise, I always see GH mRNA.  I am wondering whether
>there is a little bit of somatotrophs in IL too, or IL has leaky expression
>of GH transcripts.

I don't have any information to help you, but gosh, a rat pituitary
intermediate lobe must be the size of a needlehead. You must have very
very steady hands, microdissection or non-microdissection. Hats off to
you and good luck.

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