an open letter to the President of the United States of America

Patrik Bagge pab at neramd.no
Tue Feb 1 03:39:58 EST 2000

>hi, Patrik. since you've brought up 'Cuba', i'll comment on one aspect
>ot Elian's experience, and the whole 'Cuba/U. S. A.' thing.
>my read is that, when Elian's Grandmothers came, recently, to the U. S.,
>and met with various folks, no one allowed for the fact that all
>correlated interaction among folks was 'biased' by the neural dynamics
>that occur when folks are thrust into relatively-unfamiliar
>judging from News reports pertaining to the Grandmothers' visit, this
>'oversight' entered significantly into the the flow, and outcome, of the
>interactive dynamics.
>almost all of what transpired was founded in the biasing dynamic, and,
>beyond J. Reno's courageous Thoughtfulness, very-little in Rationality.
>this sort of analysis is a strong province of NDT, which exposes how
>prejudice toward the familiar ('PTOFA') impinges-upon, interferes-with,
>and redirects social interaction.

yes, this is common human behaviour, 'only' takes a bit of open-minded
empirical 'world-study' to aquire this knowledge.

>NDT's understanding makes the 'bias' readily-visible, thus, allowing
>folks who've acquired the understanding, to escape the behavioral
>'pressure' that correlates with the 'bias' that derives in PTOFA,
>because nervous systems process-information in a way that's 'blindly'
>automated via TD E/I-minimization.

ok, i think i get your point, but when this 'blind' automation has
worked a while (experience related 'knowledge')
forming our 'prejudice' beliefs, it seems a bit hard for us to escape
them. This phenomenon is reflected in a common scandinavian saign
"don't try to teach an old dog to sit"

>i hope your observations, acquired while in Cuba, will be available, in
>some way, Patrik.

sure, i'll probably do what i use to, interact & communicate with
'common' people and try to understand what makes them 'tick'
I find great joy in comparing similarities and differences
resulting from nervous system 'blind automation' with respect
to local social memory and probably differences in genetics.

I'll check what the local version is, regarding the 'incident'
If you or someone has any other request, do pop them.

Patrik Bagge

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