Note to teachers of Neuroscience

Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Tue Feb 1 08:47:08 EST 2000

Darn!  All these years of teaching and I have always assumed that
my students were entitled to my class handouts simply by virtue of
having paid tuition to be in my course!

And I don't even charge them extra for exams.

I coulda been a millionaire!

Michael Harrison <michael.harrisonNOmiSPAM at socratica.com.invalid> wrote in
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> Hello,
> We just wanted Professors (and grad students) who teach or TA
> Neuroscience to know that you can sell your handouts, exams,
> powerpoint presentations, etc. on Socratica.com.  This site is
> devoted to the exchange of educational materials.  It is
> completely free to join and post your materials, and we pay a
> 90% commission rate.  So if you charge $5 for a powerpoint
> presentation on Ion Channels, then we pay you $4.50 for every
> sale.
> Thank you for your consideration, and we would greatly
> appreciate any suggested Neuroscience links.
> -Michael Harrison
> President, Socratica
> http://socratica.com
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