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Tue Feb 1 09:25:43 EST 2000

harsha parmar wrote in message ...
>Please help-you will not be disappointed.
>Totally  totally amateur, only studying the brain for 3 months - I was
>looking for something else and doing something else, did not realise what I
>was doing or what I had found until about a month later.
>I now how, But do not know why and what possible dangers. That is why I am
>having to learn about the brain from scratch. Absolutely fascinating
>organism and subject,
>Cannot say what it is that has been found or what I am doing or how I've
>done it-yet-except you will probably figure it out from these questions.
>Before I go making any sweeping statements it has to be substantiated and
>quantified and mapped out, which should take me another 4-6 months work
>Have there been any attempts to programme the brain ( 'organs', processes,
>left and right hemispheres-individually, neurotransmitters, the cortex,
>sequences, synchronicity, the corpus callosum, the hippo & the hypo, the
>putamen, firing  & not firing, etc ).-not using drugs.
>I read somewhere that a sizeable part of the brain's capacity is
>unused/undeveloped. is this true. Where specifically is this
>unused/undeveloped capacity. How much more 'food' ( percentage wise, more
>than it gets at present ) should the brain get before utilising/working
>what are the dangers of this.
>( for the hon. learned ) If you could program ( specifically & generally )
>various 'parts' and processes of the brain, where would you start and where
>would you continue to.
>Ta. pedro
>never at again0.freeserve.co.uk

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