Artificial Intelligence as Artificial Life

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Feb 1 11:51:26 EST 2000

The *diagrams-intensive Mentifex artificial intelligence project
has recently jumped on the artificial life ("alife") bandwagon
in the following ways and meanings:

After any interested party obtains the Mind.Forth source code from
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/mind4th.html --
and downloads by ftp the free Win32Forth language from
ftp://pweb.netcom.com/users/zforth -- (no Forth know-how needed) --
then the human user starts the AI program by typing in the word
alife -- which invokes the main program loop called "ALIFE".

* "diagrams-intensive":  An extremely interactive diagram
greets you when you visit the above-activated AI website.
It is a flowchart of the Forth modules and program-flow
of the Mind.Forth source code.  Merely hovering in Internet
Explorer with your mouse-pointer over any depicted module
causes a brief "TITLE-tag" message to pop up, such as
with the HCI module:  "the Human Computer Interface".
Clicking, of course, takes you somewhere: to the documentation
page of the AI module -- where you may encounter a further
diagram of the theory of mind upon which Mind.Forth is based.
Clicking on the SPREADACT module takes you eventually to
the archival record of the development of the AI diagrams.
A further element of the alife aspect of Mind.Forth is the
idea that this Forthmind, or cybermind, is intended to be
a strong proposal of artificial life surviving for eons, as
Vernor Vinge has described in his "Technological Singularity"
http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~phoenix/vinge/vinge-sing.html (q.v.).

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