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> You should have tried AltaVista.  A search of +"Oliver Sacks"
> brought up (as the first hit!) www.oliversacks.com, "The Official
> Sacks Website".

Thanks a lot. Actually, I'm not sure anymore whether I'd want
to contact someone who is megalomaniac enough to have a website
named after himself. I guess I won't bother. All I wanted to
tell him was that there had been a few cases in Britain in recent
years of people who insisted in having a part of their body
amputated (usually a leg). Somehow, this limb was felt as alien,
not part of the person's body image, and in a couple of cases
the people resorted to self-amputation. Sacks described similar
occurrences in two of his books. I wondered if there had been
studies on cases like these done by neurologists.

Incidentally, what is Oliver Sacks' reputation as a neurologist?
I know from experience that successful writers in other branches
of science are not always regarded with approval by colleagues in
their profession (Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking spring to mind).


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