Transcranial magnetic stimulator

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> The physics of magnetic fields greatly limit the utility of such a
> device.  It can only be used to stimulate the neocortex, and only
> parts of it that lie within sulci (folds), which make up a rather
> small fraction of the whole.  Also, it is impossible to get very much
> specificity for the stimulation.  As a result, you can use magnetic
> stimulation to get things like limb twitches (by stimulating motor
> cortex), or perception of flashes of light (by stimulating visual
> cortex), or perception of a buzzing sound (by stimulating auditory
> cortex), or a few more subtle effects, but nothing, as far as I know,
> that would be commercially desireable.

How about stimulating the temporal lobe? Ramachandran claims in
his book that someone in Canada used this device for this purpose.
Do you think that's possible?


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