an ALS Hypothesis - extended to all 'abnormal' neural atrophy

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 2 01:49:09 EST 2000

kenneth Collins wrote:


> it's in the hypothesis that the p[re]cipitation 'lesion' acts through the
> modification of 'normal[ly]' integrated dynamics. in the example offered
> with the hypothesis, a lesion alters the information-processing of the
> cerebellum (which, in NDT, is a powerful 'passive', globally-acting, TD
> E/I-minimization mechanism; see AoK, Ap5).
> one must put-things-together. the lesion alters cerebellar function,
> which results in abnormal motor-system dynamics, because, the
> interminable TD E/I(up) condition that the lesion interjects prevents
> normal achievment of 'type II synchronization" (as evidence[d] in ALS
> fasciculations and fibrilations.


> it's important to be aware that, in the above dynamics, the supersystem
> is 'just' 'striving', in 'normal' ways, to achieve TD E/I(min). it's
> be-cause the lesioned tissue interjects 'perpetually-random',
> non-minimizable activation into the TD E/I-minimization dynamics that
> the 'normal' TD E/I-minimization dynamics generate the hyper-stressing
> 'struggle' to achieve type II synchronization back upon the motor
> neurons, which constitutes an 'excito-toxic' condition with respect to
> the motor neurons' metabolic functioning, which kills them, resulting in

what, in the traditional approach have been considered to 'constitute' 

> the =obvious= [']disease['] observables that have been focussed upon, 
> while the more-subtle, more-globally-occurring, and much-more-significant


> disease-generating stuff had gone unrecognized.

i repeat, i'm taking this position in this hypothesis because all of the
so-called 'indicators' that i've read of can result from excitotoxic
activation, which means that it's possible that the 'indicators' are
nothing of the kind, but 'only' by-products of a
more-globally-correlated set of dynamics, such as those that i've been
discussing in this hypothesis.

'fixing' what is not broken only augments dysfunction.

it appears, to me, that such is the case with respect to the traditional
aproach to these motor-neuron degeneration diseases.

forgive me. if it, in fact, is so, it's =solely= be-cause NDT's
understanding has been Censored, even while 'profit'-seekers have been
rampantly 'borrowing' bits and pieces of NTD (which it's, now, become
apparent to me, that True significance of which is not comprehended, and
so what's been 'borrowed' can have only been ab-used).

these Treacherously-Predatory dynamics, which 'exist' where only Truth
has a Right to Exist, must be at an end.

it's not in my purpose to be 'overly-critical', but the circumstances of
NDT's Censorship are unthinkably-offensive to all of Humanity, and the
'Difficult' thing =must= be said.

the Censorship of NDT's understanding =must= be at an end.

K. P. Collins

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