New Chapter on Panlingua

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Feb 3 13:39:38 EST 2000

Chaumont Devin, devil at lava.net, wrote on 3 Feb 2000:

>Panlingua: Chapter 14, The Typeless Link,
>by Chaumont Devin, February 3, 2000.
>Some Reasons for a Change in my Working Hypothesis about Panlingua.
>In late 1999 it became increasingly evident that a major upgrade to the
>theory of Panlingua was in order.  I have been uneasy for some time about
>the phenomenon of link type.  What were link types, and precisely how did
>they relate to other linguistic phenomena?  In short, I had the feeling
>that this was a loose end that needed to be tied down.

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/mind4th.html Mind.Forth PD AI
(which can be downloaded and run easily without any knowedlge of Forth)
has a very similar arrangement to what Chaumont Devon has outlined here:
>     eat
>      ^
>      |
>(cats eat mice)
>This same verb semnod that links to "eat" also links to "eats", "ate",
>"eaten", and "eating".
After all, does a nerve fiber in a brain, acting as an associative tag,
have a "type"?  Probalby not!  The fiber merely carries a signal.
Where it comes from, and where it goes, are what matters.

Out in the open AI projects:  Panlingua; Mind.Forth... Any others?

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