Labelling a neurotransmitter

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> Please, can anyone advise or suggest alternative approaches.
> I am investigating the effects of general anesthetics on the fast transport
> of neurotransmitter containing vesicles in axons and the pre-synapse. Is
> there a way to fluorescently label either the neurotransmitter (glutamate)
> or some component of vesicular membrane so that active transport can be
> recorded in real-time using confocal microscopy?
> Alternatively, is it possible to label the ATP turnover of the molecular
> motor (kinesin) driving vesicle movement in vivo?
> Terry Morris

Dear Terry, 

You may want to look into using a dye called FM1-43. I know this can be
used to fill vesicles, and then various aspects of vesicle turnover can
be studied using microscopy. Look up papers by Tim Ryan to get an idea
how it's done.

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