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Oliver Sparrow ohgs at chatham.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 12:17:46 EST 2000

(Arthur T. Murray) lifted up his heart and wrote:

>Oyez, oyez, oyez:  Discussant is the Director Dr Oliver Sparrow of
>http://www.riaa.org/Che/chf/forum.html -- the Chatham House Forum
>of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London town, UK.

You would do better on http://www.chatham.demon.co.uk
That is one hat. There are others. 

>Mntfx (Mentifex):
>For a Chiacago Great Books-style synopticon of {mumble}
>Dr Sparrow seems to say that the structure of the mind first forms
>itself sufficiently to take in percepts, then is either warped or
>at least further formed (informed?) by the very percepts, in a
>growth-process whereby the emerging mind remains for a while
>structurally unaltered, until dyspepsia of strange
>new percepts forces a structural shift in the underpinnings of
>the mind.  

Well, sort of: but the details are what matter. I am suggesting a sort of
self-assembling fuzzy logic, where the set boundaries are created along
with the data segmentation; and that is all that there is in there.

>Anyhow, Dr Sparrow seems to be formulating a mental perestroika.

Collapse of the dark empire, forthwith. Or is that Forth with?

Oliver Sparrow

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