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I might suggest you try:

1) Neuroreport (Lippincott Williams & Williams). It's first rate but quite
expensive, and you shall need a good backgound in Neurosciences.

2) Principles of Neurology (Adams, Victor, Ropper. Ed. by McGraw-Hill).
Highly readable.

3) You may have heard of "Principles of Neural Science" (Kandel et al. Ed.
by Elsevier). I studied the third edition right through some time ago but
found it rather disappointing. I'm therefore - a priori - not too keen on
buying the fourth edition (which hasn't reached France yet).  I applaud the
basic concept of "Principles of Neural Science" but I found the text
sometimes confusing to read, not to mention the mistakes and excessive (and
often contradictory) redundancy.

4) As far as "psychology" is concerned, there aren't any books I can
recommend. Try your own mind. It contains a wealth of information. It's
there, waiting for you. And what a fascinating quest it can be!

I hope this helps.



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>I would like to buy COLLECTIONS of quality neuroscience, psychology,
>Ed Hammond

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