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> Arthur T. Murray (uj797 at victoria.tc.ca) wrote:
> : Out in the open AI projects:  Panlingua; Mind.Forth... Any others?
> There's MegaHAL, downloadable for many platforms at (source too)
> http://odin.ee.uwa.edu.au/~hutch/hal/ftp/MegaHAL.html

Thank you for the interesting, but ultimately disappointing,
link above to MegHAL.  Its creator, Jason Hutchens, says on
his Web site that "MegaHAL is most definitely not an
Artificial Intelligence," and that "MegaHAL generates gibberish."
The program is apparently a "conversation simulator" like the
classic Eliza program.

Does anyone know of any open attempts at true AI like unto
Mind.Forth PD AI?

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Forth is the lingua franca of AI, embedded NC and robotics.
For details on Mind.Forth and the public domain AI project,
see the ACM Sigplan Notices 33(12):25-31 (December 1998),
"Mind.Forth: Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Forth."

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