evolutionary significance of emotions !!

A.F. Simpson AFS7 at le.ac.uk
Mon Feb 14 19:23:06 EST 2000

ashwin kelkar wrote:
> what is so good about feeling bad ??
> i believe that all thoughts originate either consciously or sub-
> consciouly to make the conscious mind happy so why did bad emotions get
> selected for ?

Imagine some hypothetical human ancestors.

Male Hypothetical Human Ancestor A (MHHA-A) follows the same woman,
Female Hypothetical Human Ancetor A (FHHA-A) around all his life trying
to persuade her to mate with him.  Every time HHAA turns up outside her
cave clutching a dead rabbit, FHHA-A tells him that she's already
happily mated to MHHA-B and even if MHHA-A were the last male anthropoid
in the caves she would be more likely to form a loving relatioship with
a sabre-toothed tigre.

However, MHHA-A has no bad emotions.  He never feels hurt, or
frustrated, or depressed by constant rejection.  So every day he turns
up with a new dead rabbit and tries again.  Eventually the festering
pile of dead rabbits by the cave causes an outbreak of disease and the
entire human sepcies is wiped out before it even gets going.

(Please note:  I was only invoking Species Selection for fun.  Species
Selection can be dangerous and should not be tried at home.)

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